Covid-19 Information

Blended Format

Given the on-going uncertainty around the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and the differential impacts it is having across the globe, we are hosting the CLC2021 in a blended format. If a face-to-face event is able to take place in Dundee on 2-4 September 2021, we will run a blended conference with face-to-face and online dimensions. If restrictions means a face-to-face event is not possible, then we will host the event fully online.

The blended format will mean that individual participants will be able to join online or in person, and that panels and discussions will involve a mixture of online and in person participants. Whether you join in Dundee or online, you will be able to participate across the conference panels and plenary sessions.

Colleagues at the University of Victoria in Canada have also kindly agreed to host a ‘hub’ for those who can get to UVic in person, but cannot get to Dundee. Please see the programme for more details and contact us for more details or queries.

Access links and delegate passwords have now been emailed out to the email address used for registration. There is one email for each day of the conference for which you are registered. Please check your junk folder if you have not received them, and get in contact if you have any issues.

Distancing in Dundee

Please check the covid guidance for Scotland before you travel, as the rules may be different from your current location. The University of Dundee have a number health and safety guidelines in place to ensure that delegates are not at risk while attending the Critical Legal Conference as follows:  

  • One-way entrance and exits doors, to and from the Dalhousie Building with directional signage on the doors, walls and arrows on the floor
  • Sanitiser stations at each entrance with face masks for any delegates who may have forgotten them
  • Delegates should wear face masks until they get to the lecture theatre or meeting room and they can be removed once seated
  • One-way directional signage on both the floors and walls to guide delegates through the building
  • All meeting rooms including the lecture theatres have plans showing where each delegate can sit with 1 metre social distancing; green dots on seats showing where each delegate can sit. There is also sanitiser at the entrance of each room
  • Each room will be sanitised before being used again after each session
  • Yellow ’Please Wait Here’ signs will be visible on the floor to allow social distancing for the Registration Desk and catering stations
  • Coffee and tea stations will be manned by the University of Dundee hospitality team
  • Any biscuits, shortbread etc. served with coffee and tea breaks will be pre-packaged along with individually wrapped milk and sugar sachets
  • Lunch will be individually packaged and will be collected from the catering stations by the delegates. Any dietary requests will be catered for including vegetarian, vegan and halal.

General information about the campus venue can be found here. Should you have any questions or concerns, please email:

Postponing CLC2020 to September 2021

It was with heavy hearts that we postponed the Critical Legal Conference 2020. The conference was originally scheduled for 3-5 September 2020 at the University of Dundee in Scotland, but with the widespread impacts of Covid-19, and with many universities (and countries) stopping travel, it was no longer possible to hold the event on those dates.

In lieu of the CLC2020, please read and reflect on this piece from eminent CLC denizen, Prof Angus McDonald: CLC Dundee: Undeed and Duende.

But all is not lost: the Dundee CLC will begin by coming back in 2021. We are hosting the conference in Dundee on 2-4 September 2021. The theme will be the same, only the dates have changed. We have re-confirmed all our venues and our plenaries for the 2021 dates, and will keep this website updated as things progress towards September 2021—so make sure to check back.

We sincerely hope you are keeping safe well in these on-going times, and look forward to (virtually) welcoming you to Dundee in September.

Dom, Luca, and Thom (CLC2020/21 Organising Committee).

Further advice and current information on the outbreak can be found via these links:

There are also now numerous posts on Critical Legal Thinking engaging with our new covid context, which you may find interesting.